Chloe Denee


Chloe Denee


14 in series 1




Various popular people


Sadie Jenkins

Delia 'Dede'Baxter

Christopher 'Kit' Carter


Student Waitress

Chloe Denee (played by Rose Liston) Was the main antagonist in series 1. She is of Canadian decent and is often described as looking like an 'LA princess'. She is very beautiful and often uses it to her advantage. Miss V thinks that she is an exceptional waitress with "The grace of a swan." however in episode 10 Tiptastic, Miss V does not hesitate to fire her hen she does not bring in any 'Moola'.

Not much about Chloe's background is known, she only ever mentioned having a sister, she seems to live quite a privilaged lifestyle.


She is very narcissistic and vain and somewhat of a sociopath. She doesn't care if her actions offend anyone and she will even sometimes go out of her way to make them uncomfortable.

Chloe could be described as a stereotypical mean girl, rude and bitchy to those she does not like.

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